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About Us

The recent pandemic had a devastating effect on the world-wide community of performing arts. Even though live theatre has been around for centuries, it hasn’t been immune to sacrifices we’ve had to make in order to protect lives. But as they say, from every struggle the new beginning is born.


Nirak Films, creation of the lockdown, is a UK project contributing to the survival of theatre throughout the times where social distancing is necessary. High-quality theatre plays filmed on tape, ready to watch in the comfort of your home.


World-class entertainment, excellent writing, a bunch of talented actors and producers; coming together to bring the passion for the theatre to your doorstep with a single click of the mouse.

Our Vision

To produce a wide range of high-quality theatre plays captured on film.

Our mission

To bring the theatre closer to our hearts and homes.

Our values

  • passion

  • kindness

  • supporting diversity

  • friendship

  • portraying only honest, real-life emotions

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