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The world-wide COVID-19 pandemic is having a disastrous effect on the theatre industry across the globe. Even though the United Kingdom has one of the most established scenes it’s going to be hard for theatres to re-open, operate and be financially viable whilst complying with the strict social distancing rules. Our productions offer authentic plays within the click of the mouse, to all audiences, wherever they are. 


We're also open to private screening shows (if you're able to provide your audience with the appropriate space, according to the latest advice from the UK  Government).

If you wish to discuss possible partnership opportunities to keep the 'stage sparkle' among your ‘regulars’ alive, please email us today.


Here at Nirak, we believe that 'sharing is caring'. Including our plays in any charity programme, fills our hearts with joy, especially as some of our scripts discuss social issues affecting individuals and groups within our society. 

Tell us more about your charity to discuss the best way we can support you in fulfilling your purpose.


If you are an organisation or a private donor wishing to support our digital theatre, let’s have a chat. We have a lot to offer in return!

To start that discussion, please contact our Executive Producer Keith Potts, at

Our films are free to watch but if you can please consider making a donation. Your support will help us to continue to produce plays on film.

You can find the PayPal Donate button at the top of this page.

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