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I've been working with Karin and Keith for many years and it's been an absolute pleasure. They make a great team, decidedly professional in every aspect with Nirak Films. Beyond that, as we like to say in the US, they are good people.


For me, as a writer, I like that I'm notified with choices they make with my scripts.  They want to know if I have any issues and ask for my thoughts and feedback. I trust them completely; they know what they are doing.  They work with strong talent for the best possible production values: directing, acting, sound, lighting, editing.  It's hard to get all that outside of Hollywood.


One thing I do know, even in the best of times, getting your work produced is not easy. Nirak Films offers this opportunity for writers that should not be passed over.


To work with Nirak Films is a fantastic and rewarding experience.

Terry Roueche / WRITER / South Carolina, USA

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